Losing Weight Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Time to celebrate! This morning I stepped on the scale, and a few more pounds have disappeared! For the first time in my life, I’m losing weight in an easy, natural, sustainable way.

It’s called eating heathly and exercising more.

I know what you’re thinking. No brainer, right? But I’ll tell you something: I’m one of those people who hate exercising. I cry at the thought of running. And I don’t like giving up my evening dessert either.

As someone who’s struggled my whole life with weight issues, I’ve tried all kinds of ways to look and feel better. I tried those fad diets like South Beach, where all I did was grieve over my missing carbs. In high school I tried weight loss bars and shakes, but the only thing that happened was I felt sick all the time.

When you try something like bars, shakes, or giving up an essential food group (like carbs), not only does your body miss out on essential nutrients, but also you get sick of eating the same things all the time. That was my problem. It’s hard to eat the exact same thing for lunch every day. Sooner or later you go back to your old ways–as well as your old weight.

Variety is essential if you want to be able to sustain your weight loss. I’ve been eating different foods every day. I’ve still been eating all of my favorites, like salami and provolone sandwiches, chicken and dumplings, stuffed shells, cheesesteak sandwiches, brownies, and ice cream. The trick is I define reasonable portions for myself–portions that keep me satisfied so I don’t snack between meals.

The other essential part of my plan is my morning workout. 6 days a week, I do 15 minutes on my elliptical followed by 18-30 crunches and 10 sit-ups. All of this happens while my country music is blaring. I think it’s the music that makes is bearable. But the great part is, it leaves me feeling good about myself all day long.

For the first time, losing weight doesn’t leave me feeling sad, deprived, and frustrated. Finally I’ve found a way to lose weight that’s letting me feel happy and good about myself. And the best part is–it’s working!

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