Building My Aquarium

I’ve decided to start an Aquarium. I’ve always liked fish, but I’ve never taken care of an entire aquarium on my own. I remember being fascinated as a little kid by the school of neon tetras in my aunt’s 50-gallon tank. I promised myself right there at the age of 4 that I was going to have my own someday.

As a beginner, it’s probably best that I start out with my dad’s old 10-gallon tank. I know, it’s not quite as exciting as the 50-gallon, but it will still have room for some of those glow-in-the-dark fishies I like so much.

Yes, I said “fishies.”

James was a darling and helped me move my over-packed book cases so I could fit the aquarium table between them. (Believe me, this was a serious job, especially since it involved moving my crumbly leather-bound encyclopedias from 1832.) The tank’s still in the basement, but it’s going up in a few days. I’ve been ridiculously busy with work lately, so that’s my excuse for not moving more quickly. I’m planning a trip to the pet store this weekend.

In other news, James and I have decided to go to his parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Last year someone there made fun of me for making my pasta from scratch (I’m Italian for goodness sakes). If anyone is curious, I’ll post a recipe 🙂

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