Getting in Shape (Mentally)

Yesterday I wrote about my new thoughts on the weight loss thingy. Day 2 of that is going fine. But now, as promised, on to the “mental” part of this New Year’s Resolution.

I’ve decided to come up with a few intellectual goals for myself.  I thought about looking through university course listings and teaching myself some of those topics. Maybe I’ll branch out into some subjects I never took in college, like criminology or linguistics. I’m also going to practice my Italian every day and read those history books that I never finished in college (maybe).

This summer I’m taking a trip to Europe with a friend from college. I’ve decided that, as someone with a B.A. in History, I should probably keep up my craft and start reading up on the detailed history of the cities and countries that we’re visiting, as well as the notable art masterpieces to be found in each. Blah blah blah…. alrighty I won’t bore you with that.

I’m thinking about starting a new series of blog posts and articles on relationships. I’ve been thinking about all the struggles people go through and maybe writing some of that. And as for that novel I’m writing… yeah I better get crackin’.

Anyways, off to work now, but quick question. Did anyone get as angry as I did when Jake (the Bachelor) kept Vienna? I’m beginning to understand why he’s still single.

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