The Bachelor – Jake’s in the wrong league.

At the beginning of this season’s “The Bachelor”, everyone was asking themselves, why is this guy who is smart, sweet, has a great job, a great personality, rippling abs and a gosh-darn-cute-as-a-button smile STILL SINGLE at the ripe old age of 31?

Now we get it. It was just too good to be true, really. But I see it now. The guy doesn’t understand women. He’s a little too trusting, naïve, innocent, whatever you want to call it. He expects too much in the beginning. He picks the wrong girls. He’s way too easily deceived by a pretty smile. And the saddest part of all is, he really is genuinely sweet. Maybe a bit too idealistic and expecting, but truly a nice man.

It doesn’t help that they gave him a house of seriously wacked-out girls.

He does seem to be wising up a little now in week 3. Thank GOD he dumped Michelle. I hope they rip her to shreds on SNL. Really, I’d like to see Tina Fey do an impression of her.

As for Vienna, wake up Jake. True, she’s not quite the Paris Hilton clone I pegged her as, but she’s still too young for you. She’s nicer and sweeter than I originally thought, but still too immature. Her main problem now it seems is that, like Jake, she’s too trusting of the other girls. I like that she apologized for all the bragging, and I think she’s sincere. I still think she’s wrong for Jake.

Ali, oh my gosh, what happened. I thought she was nice and sweet and fun. Turns out anyone can put up that face for Jake. She’s doing exactly what she accuses Vienna of – putting up one face for Jake and a totally different one in the house. The way she treated Vienna was disgusting.

Corrie- I like her now. I think that comedy routine ripping Vienna was actually a smart thing to do. It let Jake in on the truth in an indirect way. It came off as showing concern, without making herself look like a jealous, self-centered rhymes-with-itch. It was very clever and she deserves some credit.

Ella- LOVE her. She’s a great woman. She seems much more mature than Jake, which could become a real problem. Or, it could be just what Jake needs. He seemed very good with her kid. I hope he’s smart enough to see how great she is. Given his track record… it’s iffy.

I’m glad Elizabeth is gone. She was WEIRD. From the moment we met her on TV, I thought she was way too aggressive in a weird way. Jake doesn’t need her. And she really was a tease. Poor Jake had no idea what to think, and she didn’t explain herself very well. Even ignoring everything else, the way they communicated was bad. They didn’t connect well verbally. The would have had a hard time in a real relationship together.

Poor Jake’s in over his cute little head.

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