Spam Blogger Caught! Stole Hundreds of Posts from WordPress Users

Some low-life weirdo stole MY original blog content!

Today, I was spending a few hours learning about SEO (search engine optimization, for my non-technical readers), when I was using this blog as a personal training tool. Basically I was Googling my blog when all of a sudden I came across…


This dude had STOLEN my blog content. Remember my post about why I hate the show Jersey Shore? This guy took it! His name was mtvblog-muz on blogspot. Every single one of his posts was lifted off WordPress blogs, and, while credit was given, the links were bogus! Un-clickable! In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How Rude!”

The guy was running Google AdSense on a spammy, stolen-content blog. This is against the Google AdSense Terms of Agreement, so I reported him. I also reported him to Google’s Blogger. Hopefully they’ll shut him down. I’m also considering ripping him a new one with my new SEO knowledge.

The worst part is, when you google the title of my article along with my name…. HIS page comes up FIRST in Google.

Dude, you messed with the WRONG blogger.

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