Amanda Knox: Book Deal Soon?

Amanda Knox has been a huge media sensation this year, and for good reason. Who could ignore the tragic story of an American exchange student falsely accused of her roommate’s murder and held in an Italian jail serving a 26 year sentence, finally winning her appeal and coming home to the US? I’ve been following her story for years now, reading the evidence and wondering how in the world the Italian prosecutor could be so obviously slanted when there is plenty of evidence convicting another, and he is already in jail serving time for the murder.

News broke today that Amanda has hired a literary agent, meaning that most likely, her book will be coming out soon. I’m so happy she’s doing this. For too long, we have been listening to everyone else tell her story. It’s time for her to set everything straight. I’m also happy that she’s finally going to get the money to reimburse all the thousands of dollars her family has spent over the years in legal fees to fight her case. If anyone deserves monetary compensation for pain, suffering, and extreme financial drain, it’s Amanda and her family.

Also, after reading comments about this story, I’m disgusted with the things people have said about Amanda and the money she’ll get from this. I think anyone who jumps and says she’s guilty, shady, or undeserving needs to go read the facts of the case. Unfortunately, like any media storm, the majority of Americans only hear the 5 minute version of the story once it’s over. It’s hard to form an accurate opinion from a clip on the 11:00 news.

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