What’s happening with Sheriff Graham? ABC’s Once Upon a Time Continues…

Last night’s episode of Once Upon a Time was all about Sheriff Graham. It revealed that yes, he was the huntsman who saved Snow White’s life. When the Evil Queen found out the truth, she stole the huntsman’s heart right out of his chest and put it in her vault. Later in the real world, Sheriff Graham figures out the truth, decided to find his heart, and discovers he loves Emma. 5 minutes later when he dumps Regina (Evil Queen), she goes to her vault and crushes Graham’s heart, thereby killing him.

So now we know the Evil Queen/Regina has access to her vault from the fairy tale world. If she can go back to her world, can anyone else? And if Graham figured out the truth before he died, will anyone else? How did the curse weaken for him? Henry said it’s because of his connection with Emma. If that were the case, wouldnt Snow White (Mary Margaret) have figured it out now too, since Emma is her daughter?

Graham’s story was beautiful and sad all at once. He had a strong conscience, a free spirit, and a loving heart. I really hope they find a way to bring him back. Maybe his death won’t count in the fairy tale world, since it happened in the real world. Or maybe he’s really gone for good. I see how his death gave a lot of depth to the story, but killing someone so beloved so early on is really upsetting. My mom and James were both really ticked off and said the show was really disappointing.

What do you think? Was Graham’s death an exciting twist or needless and upsetting? Is he coming back? Also… what’s going to happen to his wolf friend? The wolf was there the night Emma crashed, and lead them to Regina’s vault. What’s the significance here?

2 thoughts on “What’s happening with Sheriff Graham? ABC’s Once Upon a Time Continues…

  1. Glad to hear that another of my friends watches Once Upon A Time!

    I was saddened by Graham’s death, but I do think it will be permanent (although I would love to be proven wrong!!! He and Emma would have worked well together!). I think, like you suggested, it is an exciting turn in the plot as the people in Storybrook are finally connecting to their past lives. I think his death will serve as a revelation to move the plot forward. Hopefully Mary Margaret and Emma can discover how he was killed and learn more about how to access the past.

    No idea on the wolf friend. Perhaps we will not see him again outside of the fairytale world, because Graham was really his only connection.

    Also Connie, have you seen the show Grimm, Fridays on NBC? That’s a fun one to get into as well 🙂



    1. Hi Charlotte! Thanks for reading! Nope, I haven’t seen Grimm. I’ll check it out! I can’t wait for Sunday to see what happens next on Once Upon a Time. I’m still trying to figure out who the doctor is in the fairy tale world. Any thoughts? Based on the way he was looking at Ruby/Red Riding Hood, I figured he must be the big bad wolf, but then wolves are the good guys in Grahams’s story, so who knows.


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