“Occupy” Steals House From Struggling Single Dad

A single dad, struggling to raise two daughters on his own, is falling behind on mortgage payments. His house is about to be foreclosed, so he and his daughters are living in an apartment while he tries to catch up on payments. Then out of nowhere, Occupy Wall Street swoops in, squats in his house, and gives it to a homeless family in a big “look at us, we’re Robin Hood, giving back to the 99%” ceremony.

Yes, this really happened. Click Here to read it. For some reason (oh gee, I wonder why), not much of the media is covering the story.

This guy is clearly not a member of the 1%. Struggling single dad losing his house does not equate to multi-millionaire CEO. The craziest thing is that OWS is actually fighting to stay in the house. HUH? Last I checked, going into someone else’s house against their wishes and refusing to leave was called breaking and entering. And trespassing. And stealing someone’s house is grand theft (at least I think it is… who steals houses?). In fact, in Colonial Virginia, “Housebreaking”, as it was called, was a felony punishable by death.

Where is the law, and why is this even in the courts? It should be a simple: kick the trespassers out of the poor guy’s house, please.

Of course, let’s be fair to the OWS crowd and say that, Yes, there is a HUGE problem with the economy in this country right now. But taking what isn’t yours isn’t going to solve anything.  As I read from one blogger, the first sign of the American economy tanking wasn’t the 2008 mortgage crisis. It was in the 1960s and 1970s when women had to go to work because it was no longer possible to support a family on a single income. Even if it’s possible to get back to the glory days of the American economy, we have a long road ahead of us. Calling it quits and jumping to collectivism like the Germans of the 1930s or the Russians of 1917 is not going to bring prosperity. We have to find another way.

One thought on ““Occupy” Steals House From Struggling Single Dad

  1. I hate to hear stories like this. It does seem simple; arrest the squaters for breaking and entering and trespassing. But, the laws are crazy. The owner will have to file for and win an ejectment. It’s like an eviction. With an unscrupulous lawyer, a housing activist, the squaters could be there for 1-2 years even if the bank takes the property. It’s sad and unjust but that’s the way it is for now.

    Thanks for posting.


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