My travel bucket list

Lately I’ve been thinking about all the places I want to go, so I decided to make my travel bucket list. Why? Because life is too short to sit around saying you wish you could do something, someday.

Me at the Acropolis in Athens

In no particular order, here are the places I am going to explore:

1. England: I want to see the sights in London, but then I want to drive around and see the countryside as well. Maybe we could take two or three weeks and make it up to the Scottish Highlands too.

2. Australia: I want to spend a night looking at the stars in the Southern Hemisphere, preferably far from city lights.

3. Florence and Tuscany hill towns: I want to see the art at the Uffizi, then check out Siena, Pisa, and little off-the-beaten-path places.

4. Switzerland: I’ve flown over the Alps during sunrise twice. Now I want to see them up close.

5. Austria: I have always wanted to see Vienna and Salzburg, since I was a young kid, mostly for the history. And, who are we kidding, there’s something about the combined forces of Mozart and the Von Trapp family.

6. Caribbean: Um, can I be there right now? Maybe we’ll make it there on our honeymoon.

7. Africa: I want to see the animals, but I’ll stay away from bush food and death by hyenas. Might take some work to convince James on this one.

8. Patagonia: penguins!!

9. France: to see Le Tour de France, of course! This is actually one of future hubby’s dreams. I’ve already been to Paris, Chatres, and Versailles, but I’ve always wanted to see more of the French countryside. I want to learn French first, though.

10. Spain: I want to see the Prado in Madrid, the Alhambra castle, the Mosque of Cordoba, and flamenco dancing in Seville. Basically, I want to make a day stop to Madrid for the art museum, then spend a week galavanting around Andalucia.

There are a few more places I could add, like medieval towns in Holland, Belgium for the chocolate, Germany for kicks… but I think these are the main ones. Not sure if I’ll ever make it out to Africa, the shots and the toilet situation might be enough to keep me away. BUT… Fiancé and I are already making plans to go to 2 of these places by 2014! Guess which!!

6 thoughts on “My travel bucket list

  1. Great list! Australia and Patagonia would be awesome to visit. After much debate I finally ended up making my own bucket list a couple of months back. Happy travels as you cross of a couple from the list in the next couple of years!


  2. I have three words for you: credit card points!! Charge everything, but just be disciplined to pay it off every month. It works: we’ll be going to Italy next year on points. I’ll send you a postcard 😉


    1. Thanks! What part of Italy are you visiting? My family is from Abbruzzo. I’ve only ever been to Rome, but I’m dying to see more of the country. We actually considered Lake Como and the Italian Alps for a honeymoon but chose the USVI instead.


      1. My Italian tutor is from Abruzzo! Il mondo piccolo, da vero? So far, I have been to Termoli, Ischia, Rome and Florence. The gang we travel with did Sicily last year, but we sat that one out. We’re not sure where we will go next year but there has been discussion of somewhere in Tuscany. As for your honeymoon, you’ll have a great time in the USVI! And no passport required, right???


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