Will Rumpelstiltskin and Belle have their Happily Ever After?

First of all, I just want to say that making Rumpelstiltskin the Beast was GENIUS. I’ve been re-watching Sunday’s episode “Skin Deep” all week. Rumpelstiltskin as the Beast made the fairy tale become so much more real. Beauty and the Beast (Disney version) is a beautiful story, but severely flawed in the sense that you’re teaching little girls that controlling men with severe temper issues can change overnight if you love them enough: so not true in real life. Once Upon a Time’s version, though, gave the Beast a whole deeper dimension. He’s been through  a lot in his life, and is currently cursed with a deep dark power. Though he loves Belle, he doesn’t believe that she can’t truly love him back. In order to love her, he has to give up his power, a sacrifice that he was not willing to make.

Now we have a very interesting turn of events. Regina and Mr. Gold now officially know that each other are in fact Rumpelstiltskin and the Evil Queen. Mr.Gold/Rumpel is severely angry with the Queen/Regina, as it was his distrust of her that led him to assume that Belle was working for Regina. He let Belle go, and then the Queen told him that Belle committed suicide. Rumpel is severely hurt, damaged, grieving over Belle and harboring seething anger towards the Queen. The Queen/Regina now knows for sure that Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin remembers everything, and she is keeping Belle (who is alive) hidden in an underground psych ward.

So what’s next? I really hope that Belle and Rumpelstiltskin have another chance at the end. I’m sure Regina will bring them face to face again to try to undo Rumpelstiltskin’s power. In a surprising turn of events, Rumpelstiltskin is starting to become a character that we feel for, now that we know he was a normal man once and that all his anger and craziness stems from the many horrible things that happened to him.

Does loving the Beast ever work out?

In this episode, the Queen says, “I would never tell a woman to kiss the man who’s holding her captive! What kind of message is that?” This brings us back to the whole issue with the message of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale. It’s true, emotionally  or physically abusive men almost never change, and a woman should never stick around to find out. That being said, is there anything positive that we can glean from this? Is it ever possible for someone to change?

Magic and fairy tales aside, true love changes people. When someone is truly loved, and truly loves someone else, they change into a better person. Sometimes it’s not so obvious, and sometimes it takes a while, but it happens. I remember once, when I met a cousin of mine’s girlfriend, I knew immediately that he would marry her. For the first time in his life he seemed completely grown-up, mature, strong and stable. It’s not that he wasn’t a good person before, it’s just that once he met her, he started to shine. They’ve been married almost 3 years.

When you know you are loved, you want to be better, at least for that person. You stop thinking about “me” and start thinking about “you”. True love can transform people. It’s what we were designed for. Maybe that’s why, in the fairy tales, true love’s kiss solves all the problems. In the real world, it’s not an instant change, but it can be just as real.

6 thoughts on “Will Rumpelstiltskin and Belle have their Happily Ever After?

  1. I love this post! Ever since I saw the episode, I can’t stop thinking about these two. It’s the best episode yet!

    You brought up a good point. In fairy tales, everything is solve with a simple kiss, but in real life you have to put in the effort if you want this love to work out. After learning about Rumpel’s back story I’ve come to realize that he’s not an evil man, but more of a broken man. No one’s really loved him for him. And then along comes Belle and after being screwed over so many times I can understand him not trusting her, or himself.

    I really hope that these two find each other. It’s obvious Rumpel still loves Belle after all this time. I mean, the man beat the crap of Moe (Belle’s father) and was ready to burn the whole town down just to get his tea cup back. I don’t know when we’re gonna get another Belle/Rumpel episode so I’ll just to settle to writing fanfiction. Great job!


  2. I’m searching google for this couple and then I found your post and I like it very much ] is because my friend can’t just stop talking about this series with sparkling eyes and then when I’m listening to her, I realize that Oh my god, Rumpelstiltskin is just my type. I always love that kind of character who is manipulative and a wicked and alone and deep down inside he just wants some one who loves him sincerely. What’s more? Belle is my favorite character of all the Disney princess and she’s just… awesome. I cant believe they make such a genius idea about Rumple being the Beast [and I think he is hot, anyone else?]. I love this. Kyahhhhhh ❤
    Nice to meet you by the way ❤


      1. Yeah, now I think that I’m lucky for being late in watching the serie. I’m still on the way of episode 16 and now I dont have to wait that loooooooooong.. to watch season 2. Haha, my feelings abt OUAT still fresh and overwhelming X)
        Ps: I’m looking 4ward to your future posts ^^~


  3. Im am serious deeply in love with this show. And Skin deep is one of my favorite episodes out of the intire two seasons (so far) Belle and Rumple are by far the most magical and adorable couple out of all of the Storybrooke character. I love them both and i think regina should die… How dare she lock Belle away from rumple. Despite his cruel magic they should be together. Its like parents keeping two teens from being together 😦 BELLE AND RUMPLESTILSKIN 4EVER :d


    1. Hi Serena! Thank you so much for reading my post! I also like this couple’s story the best. It’s really intricate, and a lot more realistic than some of the others. It’s not particularly healthy of course, but the ups and downs make it a fabulous story, I think.


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