Movin’ On Up!

On July 27, we closed on our house! My mom was calling us Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner (our wedding is not for 9 months… I think she’s excited). For the last month, we’ve been busy getting the house in shape. Terrible excuse for neglecting my blog, I know. It’s amazing though (since the house is still new to us) that our  8 Billion chores are actually super fun right now. We’ve been having so much fun making a home together. I can’t wait til we’re married so I can live there too! It’s amazing how much closer we have gotten through all of this. This is seriously going to be the longest 9 months of my life.

Meanwhile, my car broke down and we had to get a new one. My ride of choice? A shiny red 2012 Chevy Cruze 2LT.

2012 Cruze, via Chevy’s website

We test drove the 2013 Dodge Dart and were severely disappointed with the sluggishness of the engine. The 2012 Ford Focus was very fun to drive, but it wasn’t very roomy inside. The Cruze was spacious for its class, and the engine had a whole lotta pep! Hit the gas and off it goes. My kinda car. Add the sunroof and nav system, and I’m in vroom vroom paradise. 40mpg’s sealed the deal.

Adjusting to life with adult financial responsibilities is definitely a challenge, but I think we’re up for it. We’re learning to balance the budget and finding new ways to save. I think I need to start having so much fun doing free stuff that I don’t have time to remember that my spending cash is zero. I mean sure, we can no longer do that trip to Williamsburg I’ve been dying to take this fall, but we can spend a Saturday driving out to the country to hike trails and look at stars. Besides, James and I are long overdue for a picnic. Now we have the perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy our new life together.

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