“One small step…”

Knowing that I will never be pregnant, no matter how hard I storm the gates of heaven, is something that has taken me many years to accept. I still have my off days. Some days are smiles, some days are tears, some days are calm, and some days are far from it. Some days, the best days, are beautiful opportunities for growth.

It might not look like much, but it was a milestone for me today when I created my adoption board on Pinterest. “Adoption is the new pregnant” is my title, after a shirt I saw on the site. It may be a little overly cheery for those facing the sharp pain of infertility (including me on my off days), but I think I am finally ready to embrace this line. Pretty sure. I hope.

While attempting to focus on the positive and scouring Pinterest for adoption pins, I found the blog of this amazing woman. She’s in her 20s, like me, and she’s been down the same road. Like me, she has known since her teens that she could never be pregnant. I’ve only read some of her blog so far, and I find it to be well beyond inspirational. It was exactly what God needed me to see at this point in my life. Thank you, Mrs. O’Brien, if you ever read this. And thank you, God, for helping me and James along this road.

3 thoughts on ““One small step…”

  1. I love your phrase, “Adoption is the new pregnant.” It’s inspiring! and what a shift it represents in your thinking it reflects, Connie Ann. I was so touched by this post, its honesty and beauty. Wishing you and James all the best on this journey, and thank you for sharing your process.


    1. Thank you Allison! There definitely has been a shift in my thinking. It is an ongoing process, but I am grateful that now it is much more positive than anything else. 🙂


  2. HI Connie Ann, this is Ashley from the Little O’Brien Family blog…I cannot believe that I stumbled on your blog & this post in particular! I would LOVE to chat with you as I have some questions I’d love to ask!!

    Also…I am so so happy God used my insignificant writings and turned around and used them for His good & glory!


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