The other night I came across a bunch of pictures from our honeymoon. So happy, so full of love.. so… exactly like the present. We’re still on our honeymoon, mentally. Of course, we haven’t even been married for 2 full years yet.

Sure, a lot has happened, and we have a lot on our plate right now with his refereeing, my infertility ministry and planning our upcoming UK adventure. But looking at these pictures made me realize: That’s us. And that is all that matters.

We’ve taken a little step back from the craziness of life and dedicated every Sunday to spending time together as a family. Forget the rest of the world. Sundays, we’re back on our honeymoon. Last Sunday, we went to the Walter’s Art Museum in Baltimore. Two weeks ago, we went to the movies. This week, we’re planning on staying in and trying yoga together, then browsing travel books.

By the way, it all started with Whole 30. We’ve made physical health a priority in the last 28 days and it has paid off tremendously in our emotional and relational health as well. I’ve been wanting to make Sunday our family day of rest for a long time, but it wasn’t until our Whole 30 that this became a reality. There’s only a few days left, but I love what this program is doing for my life! I’m so excited to keep living this Whole 30/Paleo lifestyle throughout the year.

4 thoughts on “The Honeymooners

  1. It’s so great that you’ve made Sundays a priority for the family. It can get hard to reconnect with your spouse (and kids) when everyone is running about. Good for you for making this a priority now rather than later.

    As a fellow Whole30-er, isn’t it amazing how our bodies adapt to good food rather than junk!!

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    1. I am in love with Whole 30!!! When did you do yours? Have you done it more than once? This was our first time.

      I really am so happy that we have started getting into the habit of making Sundays our family day. Hopefully it will be well ingrained in us by the time we adopt! 🙂


  2. Fantastic idea (Sundays as a family) that you’ve discovered early on in your marriage and one that we’d all do well to follow even 22years into marriage.

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    1. Thank you! I’m amazed at how much this has done for us already! I got the idea from my parents- they used to take us to museums on Sundays (DC museums are free!).


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