As promised, a little published update and thank you for prayers heard.

I said this novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the intercession of St. Jude:

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world, now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, help of the hopeless, pray for us.

You say this prayer 9 times a day for 9 days, and you are guaranteed to have an answer on or before the 8th day. It has never failed. It didn’t fail this time, either.

I prayed for either a new job or career direction. I have so many interests and I’ve been so confused, I haven’t really known what to look for.

This Saturday (the 7th day), I decided to go pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament. I tried to go in the morning before meeting a friend for lunch, but I ran out of time. Then, when I met my friend, she mentioned that she parked right near a really cool old Catholic Church. Wait, what?

After lunch (and shopping!) we went inside the church to explore a little. Then, when my friend left, I stayed for about 20 minutes to pray.

While I was praying, I looked up and noticed that up above the tabernacle there was a very large statue of the Sacred Heart, front and center. Looks like I’m in the right place. I looked at that statue for a while and remembered why Jesus asked to be portrayed that way- because he loves us. He loves us so much and his heart continues to burn with love for us. He doesn’t want me to be miserable, directionless and without purpose. He has a plan for me.

My eyes were then drawn to the right of the altar, and a statue of St. Paul was there. St. Paul? What’s he doing here? Wait… this church is called St. Paul’s. St. Paul is the patron saint of writers!

St Paul

Yes, the Paul who wrote half the bible (basically) and who is quoted more than any other source in Christianity was an intellectual with many gifts who was called to use those gifts for the Kingdom of God.

I thought this must be the answer: to look to St. Paul, to be a writer, and to ask for his intercession in finding fulfilling employment using those gifts. I still wanted a little confirmation though. And after all, this was only day 7.

That night I started googling St. Paul novenas. I had never heard of a novena to St. Paul. He’s not exactly known to be a heavy hitter like Anthony, Jude or Therese. And then came God’s second whack over the head for me:

It turns out, the Daughters of St. Paul have a special novena to St. Paul, and it starts JUNE 21.

June 21. Sunday. The 8th day.


So last night, we continued with our Sacred Heart novena (must do all 9 days in thanksgiving), and we began a novena to St. Paul the Apostle, patron saint of writers.


10 thoughts on “Sacred Heart Prayers

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping something happens soon. I’ve never asked St. Paul’s intercession before. I have no idea what to expect!


  1. Hello, I was brought to your page through the grace of God. I am going through the same thing you were; lack of career direction. Just like you, I have so many interests and I’ve been confused as well. It has been causing issues with my family and taking a toll on my self esteem. I was praying and crying to Jesus to point me in the right direction. When I pray I like to look at a picture of Jesus since it helps me feel more connected to Him. I felt a very strong connection the one you have on this website and clicked on it in images. I was begging for an answer, and I got one. Thank you for writing about your experience as I was given a solution through you.
    I will do the Novena you posted and I know He will respond to me 🙂
    How do I do the nine times a day? Nine times in a row for nine days, or once an hour for nine hours each day?


    1. Hi Emma! I’m so happy you found my blog! You say the prayer 9 times each day, but you can do it however works for you. I usually say all 9 at once, but I’ve also done 3 at breakfast, 3 at lunch, and 3 at dinner. I don’t think it matters, because Jesus knows what you need even before you ask him. He just likes it when we go to him. And be prepared for any type of answer. Many times he’s pointed me toward other prayers. But he WILL answer. I hope you find a career path soon! I know how awful it is to need direction like that. Want you to know I prayed for you at Mass today. God bless and, if you want, keep me posted. 😊


  2. I can’t explain this either. I was brought to your page by searching for the Sacred Heart prayer, and the same issues you had are what I am experiencing at this very moment. I want my work to give me joy again. I want to help individuals and have peace in my spirit again. My depression affects me at home and on the job because in my heart I know I don’t belong in this position. I plan on saying this prayer starting at this very moment. I need direction and clarification as well. I know God hears, and know exactly what He has for me, and I will definitely keep you posted.

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    1. Wow Janeen! Welcome. I’m so happy you found my page. I’ll pray for you. My husband is actually going through a lot of this himself right now. Please do keep me posted! I’d love to hear how this turns out. I have noticed too, often when I pray this prayer, the answer is another prayer. In this case, after my novena to St. Paul, a few more months went by, and a few crazy things happened, like being fired from the job I didn’t like, then being offered a writing job that would have been for a boss I found creepy. Then, in September 2015 (3 months after this post) I actually became a professional writer! I was offered a job for a great company, AND it is across the street from a church where I can go to daily Mass or adoration. It really is amazing! Keep praying and trusting and I know that God will show you what he wants you to do! ❤


  3. This novena has been wonderful. Through the years I’ve asked for guidance and help for my children. I feel they have gotten good jobs and a nice house and a blessed child because of the support and grade of St.Jude. I’m sure I will be asking for guidance many times over in the future. Saying this novena helps me not worry about them and I feel that they will benefit from this guidance.


  4. I have to say it works! I had two financial issues that needed resolved. God looked at me, an undeserving wretch and showed His grace and mercy upon me! Say this prayer, it works!


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