Engagement Stress = Blessing in Disguise?

Like most girls, I love the movie Bride Wars with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. One of the major themes of the movie is how engagement stress can either drive couples apart or bring them closer together.

James and I have had our share of engagement stress. Thankfully, we’ve been able to recognize that with every road-block comes a chance to work together. We’ve never put it in those words, but it’s true. Every issue that has popped up in our path has made us turn to each other for help. Everything that’s happened to us has been another chance to hold hands and walk forward.

Recently I was telling a priest some of the struggles we’ve gone through, and he pointed out that perhaps it truly is a blessing in disguise. People that have fantasy engagements do not always get the chance to prepare for what marriage really involves: sharing and sacrifice. I pray every day for a happy marriage. Maybe this is God’s way of answering my prayers. If we learn what to expect now, we will have an easier time adjusting later. Maybe if we can be happy together in bad times, we can be happy in good times.

I know I’m very young and often naïve, but I have a good feeling about this.

Bling :-)

So I haven’t written in forever, but I think it’s time I bring this blog back up, mostly because I miss writing. A lot has gone on in the last year, like, um… ::holds out left hand waiting for you to notice:: IM ENGAGED!!! James and I are getting married!!! I have the most beautiful ring in the whole world and the most wonderful fiance imaginable. Seriously, he’s better than prince charming (who, in fact, is named Prince James in Once Upon a Time…I think the writers got that from my James). We haven’t settled on a wedding date yet, and I’m totally stressed out over it already, but everything’s going to be fine because the most important decision has already been made (the groom, of course) and no matter what happens on that day, I get to be Mrs. James P. 🙂

We got engaged July 24, 2011. My wonderful aunt, who is also my godmother, threw us a fabulous engagement party in October. His family and my family finally got to hang out. Both our families are huge, and they both go to the same church, so it’s not suprise they all had a great time together. It was a dream come true for me and James to see everyone together. We already love each other’s families and have for years, so it was really overwhelmingly beautiful to have everyone together.

More updates will come later, I’m sure I’ll be blogging about wedding stuff and tv shows (did I mention I love Once Upon a Time?). Oh and I now have a real job, and my lunch break is ending so I have to go. And I went to Greece and Turkey and loved it. And we’re looking for a house (too bad only one of us can live in it until the wedding because so far we’re having a hard time deciding who needs it more).

Arrivederici tutti 🙂