Growing up on the East Coast, my parents took us to every state along the I-95 corridor. We explored New York and Boston, ate blueberry ice cream in Maine, hiked the mountains of West Virginia, built sand castles in the Outer Banks, walked the streets of Charleston, climbed the ramparts of St. Augustine, and sampled Coca Cola products in Atlanta. We learned our history by visiting the Smithsonian, Civil War Battlefields, and Colonial Williamsburg. One year we drove 14 hours West to Chicago to sample the pizza, learn about Al Capone and visit the American Girl store. Yes, our dolls came too.

From college onward, I’ve been lucky enough to go to a few more exotic locales.

Past Trips:

France- March 2006

Paris, France. March 2006
Notre Dame d’Paris, France. March 2006

Canada- August 2007

Toronto, Canada, August 2007

Italy- March 2008

Rome, Italy, March 2008
The Forum in Rome, Italy, March 2008

Greece- August 2010

Me at the Acropolis in Athens
The Acropolis. Athens, Greece, August 2010

 Turkey- August 2010

Istanbul, Turkey. Aug. 2010
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey. Aug. 2010

Virgin Islands- Honeymoon! June 2013

Annaberg Plantation Ruins, St. John, USVI
Annaberg Plantation Ruins, St. John, USVI

Nevada/Arizona/California- September 2014

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, September 2014

 England and Wales- May 2015

London, England. May 2016
Chepstow Castle on the Wye River in Wales. May 2015

Those are some of my best memories. Guess where we’re going in 2017!




Stay tuned! And check out My Travel Bucket List (2012 edition)

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