Who Does Jake Pick?

All the spoilers (which have been correct to this point) say it’s Vienna. I’m pretty ticked about that, but I’ve had time to get over it. Tenley seems WAY better, but still pretty lousy. She’s very nice and sweet, but she has a ton of baggage. The girl talks about her divorce all the time. Jumping back into marriage after only a few months seems pretty stupid.

Good lord I hate Vienna. She gives 23-year-olds a bad name, seriously. I know plenty of 23-year-olds who could handle marriage and all that goes with it… but Vienna? Miss “my daddy bought me 5 cars because I kept wrecking them”???

My personal guess… looks like Jake doesn’t pick anyone. Maybe asks Ali back on the After the Final Rose show, ala Jason + Molly. At least that’s what the previews seem to allude to. We’ll see. Can’t wait til Monday night!!

P.S. Does anyone else think American Idol has gotten extremely stupid? Honestly, I stopped watching religiously after Jordan Sparks’ season. I do think this season will probably be the last one though. Simon’s throwing it to the wolves by leaving.

2 thoughts on “Who Does Jake Pick?

  1. I am hoping that Jake does not pick either of the girls but takes his time and gets back with Ali. There is much too much DRAMA on this show….

    Re: American Idol……. it is getting goofier each season. I mean tatoos, piercing, playing the harmonica???? I thought this was a singing talent contest. I’ve lost a lot of interest.


  2. I think that Jake can have a life-long relationship with Tenley. She is honestly a ‘breath of fresh air.’ However, I believe that Ali was a better match for Jake. We’ll see. BTW, I don’t like Vienna. Jake and her father would not get along at all.


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